What can it be?

“Do I love you? Do I lust for you? Am I a sinner cuz I do the two? Could you let me know, right now please.”

The first words of A Tribe Called Quest song Bonita Applebum and it is what everyone wants to know. 

Most young adults think about that with the person they are dating. Always wondering if they are the perfect person and do they love them. 

Amazing sex, great passion in bed, this got to be love. Not always. Sadly the best sex is with someone you may not be in love with, marry or have children with. It is just great sex. And that’s ok. 

Now if you just happen to be lucky and get the best of both worlds, great. Keep that fire strong and long. Any arguments, work it out with passion that you for each other. It keeps a long happy relationship.

On the other hand, if you don’t have that fire, you have love of a friendship. Of course friendships always die so it can be some work but love is powerful and love can make sex great for a couple. 

Lust and hot sex is an instant reaction but love is long lasting. What do you think and which would you rather have?

Young Skin

So I want to share with you how I keep my skin looking so young and staying so clear. 

I moisturize everyday, I don’t drink soda and I watch what I eat. Keeping the wrong foods out of your body is a big plus. For both your health and skin. I take my daily vitamins and drinking lemon water has been know to do the same.  

First, the products I use daily is an oldie but goodie. “Noxzema” face cleaners. Also, I scrub once a week.

Cleaning my face day and night is the best way to keep my skin healthy. After my nighttime cleanse I love to use my favorite, less expensive product. 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. You can get this product everywhere. Omg, I love using this product on my face at night. When I sleep I know it’s working. No makeup, I’m not out in the air or sun. The cocoa butter main focus is to make my skin even and relieves any dry marks. Plus it’s best to use it on your body after a shower. Love it.

However, I still use a daily moisturizer. Olay eyes and anti-aging with spf. I like using the highest spf on my skin to keep it protected from the sun. My skin is pretty tough for now. That may change as a get older.

Now, make sure you know your skin and what it can handle. Not everyone skin is made the same so test a product out that fits you or even talk to your doctor before trying different products. 

Just know and understand that taking care of you, your skin and your health is what is important. 

Stay fabulous!!!! 

Reasons for my beauty.

I hear it a lot, “your skin is so beautiful, it’s so clear, it’s flawless.” There are so many reasons for my skins beauty. 

One good reason is my family genes, my father and grandparents have great skin. That can be a reason behind good or bad skin but then maybe not. 
So, I can not express so much of what you put in your body can effect not only the heart but the skin too. Women and some men ask if I drink soda, um no, it’s horrible for you and it does nothing for my thirst. Water makes me feel refreshed and keeps me looking healthy. Of course eating healthy, more vegetables and whole grains foods takes a great part of your skin and health. 

Now if your the person who makes excuses for everything and can’t cut back on unhealthy foods then you must drink more water and no soda at all. Take vitamins like a multi vitamin and hair, skin and nails, that can help. 

Finally moisturize every day, every day, no matter what. The more you moisture the more your skin absorbs the richness of the oil or lotion into the skin. Helping the skins natural beauty glow and the skin to bounce back. Coconut and baby oil, no lotions, are the best to use as soon after the water is dry on the skin. 

Therefore, if you are going to take care of yourself and want a flawless skin you must use my reasons. Beauty is everything and if you don’t take care of you skin your skin can’t take care of you. 

*Have A Beauty-Full Year!*

New Hair Style 

A change in my life for a new year and new beginnings. 

I’m so use to long hair between natural, weaves and braids. I knew I was ready for something different. 

It’s so weird how hair can make you look different. And I love hair. I had short hair in the past and I don’t know why I didn’t keep it before. 

Then I went to braids for a while too. Nice and very easy to handle but a pain to put it and take out. 

Now I’m feeling my new hair style. Tell me what you think and what hair style is better for you. 

Petite Problems

Ladies, how many times you have went shopping to find the perfect outfit and find yourself not getting the right fit. It’s too big, it’s too long, it’s too short but you love the look. Sadly, I go through this all the time as a plus size petite woman. 
There are so many stores that don’t sell petite sizes, only online. Or their plus size clothing are for the big and tall.I’m not a fan of online shopping for clothing, I’m the woman who needs to try it on. Plus I’m too lazy to return online items. 

Then, I get to the point where I love the pants I tried on for work and they are way too long for me. The top of the pants are so high on my tummy and the pants leg are super long that I could be wearing a dress with a train. So sad. The pants are not in petite or they are slim petite not plus petite. Yes, my luck as usual. 

Now let’s hem my pants because they are great for work and I fell in love. Um no! I’m not a designer or a seamstress, and I don’t want to shop all around the world just to find a plus size petite store. Even when I find the right fit who says I’ll like the style on me. So back to square one. 

Retail stores save more when certain items are not sold in stores as much as others items . Buyers, merchandisers and sales managers have to pull merchandise out of the stores and sell them online. Even the top size stores; Lane Bryant and Torrid, are great for stylish plus size clothing but never no petite clothing in stores, just online.

So altering my clothing is the best most expensive way for me to enjoy my style and fit. I just hope I can find a boutique close to me with petite plus size clothing or just keep online shopping. 

Happy shopping!